This is a web page I originally published in the mid 90’s.  It is a silly sentimental thing, but I like to keep it around.
Recently, at great risk to my personal health, I undertook a study in the interest of science and consumer advocacy. My goal was to determine what the color breakdown of an average Smarties Candy Wafers package would produce.  I studied 50 different packages with each package usually having a count of ten (after totaling the count it became apparent that a few of the packages came up short).  I will leave the final conclusions to the science community and future generations, but in my humble opinion, I believe the results produced a stunning discovery.
I can only say that a fan of the blue wafers will tend to be disappointed.
Shortly after publishing this I collapsed into a sugar induced coma.
Disclaimer: I am in no way associated with Smarties Candy Wafers or Ce De Candy. Also, Ce De Candy is not (to the best of my knowledge) aware of this study and had nothing to do with it other than manufacturing the yummy candy. However, if you would like to visit Ce De Candy, check them out at: